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Examples of Applicable Pipe Systems:

  • Potable & Grey Water Systems.

  • Water risers & Water mains.

  • Residential & Commercial properties. 

  • Industrial & Municipal properties. 


3-step process

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The epoxy coating process offered by PipeRenu provides an economical and efficient alternative to traditional pipe system replacement. Our technology is designed to restore aged, corroded piping systems and copper pipes with pinhole leaks, extending their lifespan significantly.

Our epoxy coating product and system have been developed through over 7000 research hours, ensuring the perfect viscosity, air temperature cure time, and equipment for optimal pipe adherence.


Once applied to the interior of the pipe, the epoxy coating seals and protects the system from further deterioration, offering a longer-lasting piping solution. This process is suitable for use on various pipe materials, including galvanized steel, cast/black iron, copper, and lead.

PipeRenu utilises the patented PipeRenu blown-in epoxy coating process, which is unique and non-invasive. This procedure allows residents and workers to continue their daily activities without disruption, preventing displacement, business closure, and pipe system downtime.

Our process begins by draining the water out of the piping system and running dry heated air through the pipes to remove moisture. We then clean the pipes by sandblasting, removing all corrosion buildup and creating an anchor tooth for the epoxy to adhere to. Once the pipes are fully cleaned, we apply an epoxy coating system that has been independently lab tested and approved using filter instrument quality air until the pipe is fully coated. This creates a barrier coating between the water and the pipe, eliminating future corrosion.

Site Assessments and Quotes are Free of charge.

Call or email us today to book your spot for a free site assessment and quote to get your water pipes back to new. 

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