Root Extraction







Roots are responsible for:

-Damaged Pipes

- Water Flow        Blockage

- Unhealthy Conditions

Pinelands, Rosebank and Rondebosch - stretches of suburbia known for beautiful homes, parks and tree cover. However, where their are trees there are roots.

Other services we offer:


- Digital Electro-Acoustic Leak Detection

- Tracer Gas Detection

- Pipe Tracing and Locating

- Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

- CCTV Camera Inspection

- Swimming Pool Leaks

- Decontamination and Sanitation

- Fat Trap Servicing

- Oil Separator Servicing

- Septic Tank Servicing

- Tank Deep Cleaning

- Contract Drain Cleaning

- Emergency Drain Cleaning

- Root Extraction 

- Rubble Extraction 

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